YouRide Amsterdam Urban Electric Bike

Reference: BK1000
EAN: 8434127011847
Brand: Youin
The YouRide Amsterdam Electric Bike is a bike with assistance for pedaling, practice and versárte to the city.
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YouRide Amsterdam Urban Electric Bike

The YouRide Amsterdam Electric Bike is a bike with assistance for pedaling, practical and versatile for the city.

It has an integrated system that calculates the speed with which you pedal or the force used to pedal, the information is received by an electronic controller and provides enough power for the engine to assist in the exercise. For the bike to work you must always pedal.

The bike has 5 assist modes- The lower the mode, the less it will help and the more it will be like riding a manual bike. The higher you go, the less effort you have to make.

It reaches a maximum speed of 25 km / h and a power of 250W, an ecological solution, healthy and quiet.

It has a lithium battery of 7800 mAh and 36 V. The battery is removable so that easy charging and can be connected to any 220V outlet! 

Amsterdam can be charged at 100% in 4-6 hours, works with charge cycles that provides a much longer-lasting normal operation. You can charge up to 400 times before your performance slowly decreases.

It is equipped with disc brakes, more precise in braking, with more strength and endurance.

Folds easily into three parts - fits in the trunk of the car.

Technical Specifications:

  • Bike type: City bike
  • Maximum strength: 250 W
  • Top speed: 25 km/h
  • Autonomy: Up to 35 km
  • Load capacity: 7800 mAh / 36V
  • Wheel size: 20"
  • Wheel type: Pneumatic
  • Steering mode: 5 service modes
  • Braking system: Brake discs
  • Screen: Speed, battery and steering mode
  • Weight: 24 kg
  • Maximum load: 100 kg
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