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Feiyu Pocket Camera - FEIYUTECH

Feiyu pocket is a stabilized portable camera, the ideal companion for your adventures! It is a portable smart shooting device, which adopts the integrated design of gimbal and camera.

Supports up to 512G of external storage and is built in aluminum alloy, is super light-weighs only 115g-compact and easy to carry. It has a toutch screen that allows real-time preview and shooting control.

The Feiyu Pocket is equipped with a Sony sensor of 8.51 megapixel and 1 / 2.5 inches, which can record 4K / 60fps video at 120mbps. It has ultra wide angle 120° lenses and 6-layer glass lenses, which allows a wide and integrated view. It features an anti-distortion function that makes the image sharp, noise-free and helps you get great visual effects easily

It features a new six-axis hybrid anti-vibration algorithm (three-axis mechanical gimbal + three-axis electronic anti-vibration), with a miniature high-torsion brushless motor that can correct and compensate the camera in real time with high accuracy, so as to achieve better image stabilization than electronic image stabilization and optical image stabilization , making each photo a classic.

Through the APP it is possible to make creation of original content with various effects. Allows you to remote control the motion sensor up to 10meters away. 

It has a high density lithium ion battery with an energy-efficient algorithm allows for shooting up to 270 minutes.

Technical specifications:

  • Ultra HD 4K @ 60FPS recording solution, up to 120M max. bit rate, to create a real 4k video.
  • Sony CMOS sensor with 6-layer glass lenses, up to FOV 120 and single pixel of 1.62μm, easily an ultra-wide-obté view.
  • With 360° POV, all tracking modes and 2 types of basic tracking mode and max. Speed up to 180° /s allows you quickly as you wish.
  • Effective pixels: 8.51 million
  • Lens: FOV: 120°, Aperture F2.8
  • ISO: Range 100 ~3200
  • Electronic shutter speed: 1/8000~16s
  • Maximum image size: 3840 * 2144
  • Photo formats: JPG / JPG + DNG
  • APP- Feiyu Cam
  • Main body material Aluminum alloys, ABS/PC
  • Waterproof grade-NO
  • Dimensions 124.5 * 40.5 * 30mm (Working State)
  • Max. Speed 180° / S (following)
  • Controllable Range Slope: + 140° to -140°
  • Roll : + 90 ° to -90 °
  • Pan : + 60 ° to -254 °
  • Angular vibration range ± 0.005 °
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