Golden Box 2024: Voting - Choose the Best TV Box!

Every year, Kontrolsat organizes the prestigious "Box de Ouro" competition, a tradition where you have the opportunity to choose the TV Box that offers the best combination of price and quality among the releases of the previous year. This year, six candidates stood out in the race to the podium (sales analysis, customer feedback, hardware specifications, and internal analysis by our experts):




Formuler Z11 Pro Max BT1 Edition - IPTV

The Formuler Z11 Pro Max was last year's big winner, and this year, a new version of the award-winning device has been released - this time, not only featuring MyTVOnline 3 but also its Bluetooth Remote (GTV-BT1) and integrated Voice Assistant to make the most of what Formuler's IPTV software has to offer.

The question is... considering that this model brought an upgrade in its accessory and not in its TV Box, should it be considered by you as the best release of the year?

Strong Leap S3 - Google TV

The Strong Leap S3 is currently one of the most popular Android TV Boxes. Its competitive advantage lies in the Google certification, allowing the installation of over 5000 applications, including streaming favorites like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, among others.

For those seeking an even more advanced experience, the Leap S3 is the ideal choice. Equipped with Android TV 10.0, Google Chromecast, and support for Dolby® Digital and Dolby® Digital Plus, it provides an immersive audiovisual experience.

In terms of features, it is currently one of the most comprehensive Android models available.

Octagon SFX6018 WL Wi-Fi - Satellite

The Octagon SFX6018 WL Wi-Fi is a super complete model, one of the fastest satellite receivers in the market with 3,000 DMIPS, with dual boot and can be used as a streaming server for multiple devices.

The recommended model for Enigma 2 enthusiasts.

Want to learn more about this model? See here.

Amiko A11 Gold Android TV + MyTV3 - IPTV

The Amiko A11 Gold Android TV stands out as a notable option this year. Equipped with advanced WiFi 6 technology, this box offers not only MyTV3, a state-of-the-art IPTV application, but also enhanced wireless connectivity for a faster and more stable streaming experience.

Amiko Mira X HIS-4200 Linux 5G - IPTV

The Amiko Mira X HIS-4200 stands out as an exceptional choice this year, integrating cutting-edge features for a high-quality entertainment experience. Equipped with Bluetooth, Dual Band WiFi, and support for 4K resolution, this box offers not only a variety of advanced features but also impressive performance.

Amiko 9265+ Amiko OS UHD - Satellite & Cable

The new Receiver Amiko 9265+ is the ultimate choice for those seeking a next-generation home entertainment experience. This versatile device is equipped with a satellite tuner, cable, and terrestrial. This box has the ability to program up to 6000 channels (TV and radio), giving you access to a wide variety of organized content.

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