Carregador Xiaomi Mi 20W
  • Carregador Xiaomi Mi 20W
  • Carregador Xiaomi Mi 20W
  • Carregador Xiaomi Mi 20W
  • Carregador Xiaomi Mi 20W
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Carregador Xiaomi Mi 20W

Reference: GDS4145GL
EAN: 6934177716188
Brand: Xiaomi
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Xiaomi Mi 20W Wireless Charging Stand Charger Black

Compatible with IQ standard - Output 5V / 2A, 9V / 1.6A, 12V-16V / 1.7A (maximum) - Dual directional support - Lightweight design and easy to carry

Enjoy fast, wireless charging with the Xiaomi Mi Wireless Charging Stand 20W, a wireless charger compatible with all devices that have the IQ standard of magnetic induction.

It has a maximum output of 20W, so your smartphone is fully charged in no time. Although it is also compatible with conventional 5V charging. And perhaps the best thing about the Xiaomi Mi Wireless Charging Stand is its design, with a black round base and the silicone bottom, so that it grips well to the surfaces and does not suffer an accident; and also with a support system, which allows the smartphone to be placed horizontally or vertically with the appropriate inclination to continue working, playing or watching a movie. In addition, this charger offers full protection against overheating or sudden changes in energy in the electrical current.


Support system to keep you using your smartphone comfortably while charging

Compatible with 20W fast charging

Dual directional design, so you can place your smartphone horizontally or vertically

Supports charging without removing the cover of our smartphone

Brand: Xiaomi

Type: Wireless Charger - IQ

Input interface: USB Type C

DC input: 5V / 2A, 9V / 1.6A, 12V-16V / 1.7A (maximum)

DC output: 20W (maximum)

Charging distance: ≤4mm

Working temperature: 0-35 ℃


109.7x91x91 mm

Package content:

1 x Xiaomi Mi Wireless Charging Stand 20W - Wireless Charger

1 x USB Type-C Cable

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