Router Asus AP - RT-N12+ - VPN
  • Router Asus AP - RT-N12+ - VPN
  • Router Asus AP - RT-N12+ - VPN
  • Router Asus AP - RT-N12+ - VPN
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Router Asus AP - RT-N12+ - VPN

Reference: RT-N12+
EAN: 4716659866503
Brand: ASUS
Wide-area 3-in-1 Router / AP / Range Extender with timer, VPN server and IPTV support
Store price: €29.00


Wireless Multi-mode 3-in-1: Router / Access Point / Range Extender
Two 5dBi external antennas for more powerful and comprehensive coverage

Powerful wide coverage
Enhanced signal strength and broader coverage for larger homes and offices is generated by 5dBi high gain antennas. The design is also ideal for multi-floor locations with devices located at different levels.

Dedicated WiFi for your visitors
Share your Internet connection with your guests without having to share your personal password or network resources. ASUS Guest networks support up to three separate guest networks for each band, each with their usage limits and passwords. Guests will not be able to access your primary network or other devices connected to it.

Control Your Network Anywhere
In your increasingly mobile life, having control of your network through an App is more important than ever. The new ASUS Router app is built from the ground up to be intuitive and robust, allowing you to configure your router, manage network traffic, diagnose connection issues and even upgrade firmware, all without booting a PC.

Simple 3 step setup
Use your smartphone, tablet or PC to get your ASUS router up and running in less than 30 seconds * and in 3 simple steps. Connect the cables to the router, open a browser window and follow the setup wizard to access the internet in no time.

Easily and quickly extend Wi-Fi coverage
Universal repeater mode instantly extends the Wi-Fi range of any standard wireless router, keeping connections flowing and fast across larger locations and even on multiple floors.

Allows VPN Server
Easily set up a VPN server to surf the web and access data with PPTP encryption - no matter where you are.

Stay up to date!
Remember to keep your device firmware up to date so you can benefit from the latest service and security enhancements - and get exciting new features!

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Wi-Fi Speed
300 Mbit/s
Lan Ports


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