Vizyon 800 - Linux IPTV -  4K
  • Vizyon 800 - Linux IPTV -  4K
  • Vizyon 800 - Linux IPTV -  4K
  • Vizyon 800 - Linux IPTV -  4K
  • Vizyon 800 - Linux IPTV -  4K
  • Vizyon 800 - Linux IPTV -  4K
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Vizyon 800 - Linux IPTV - 4K

Reference: VIZYON800IPTV
EAN: 7924410272033
Brand: Vizyon
VIZYON IPTVs are very compact IPTV receivers with wired and/or wireless Internet help you get a large number of free-to-air satellite channels at home, without the use of a satellite dish.

Valid from 01 October to 23 October. Limited to existing stock.


The various features of VIZYON IPTVs enhance your television viewing experience. It provides you the freedom to view content of your choice at a time suitable for you. Discover the features below and add a new fun to your life!

Wireless acess: Connect your TV to the Internet from anywhere in house.

  • Youtube: Access youtube videos via Internet.
  • Maps :Easy access to maps via Internet.
  • USB support: Easily connect devices via USB port/ports.
  • CE Marking:Our devices have CE marking which is a certification mark that indicates conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products.
  • Video on Demand: Select and watch/listen to video or audio content such as movies and TV shows at any time.
  • IPTV: You can enter your connected server's IPTV channels.
  • Ebook: Our high quality apps enables you to read ebooks effectively.
  • Weather: Easily access to weather information.
  • Chipset: LQFP144,
  •  Flash Memory: 16MB,
  •  Processor: 667Mhz,
  •  RAM: SDram DD3 2GB, 1333/1600Mhz,


  •  Audio Video Output: Audio Output SPDIF, CVBS Headset Jack Output, HDMI,
  •  Ethernet: 1x Ethernet RJ45,
  •  USB: 1x USB 2.0 host, media player and PVR ready

Audio & Video

  • Audio Codecs: Dolby Digital (AC-3), Dolby Digital Plus, MPEG1 Layer I & II, MPEG2, MPEG4 AAC, MPEG4 AAC-HE(AAC+),
  •  Video Codecs: HEVC H.265, MEPG/AVC, MPEG-2 [email protected], MPEG-4 H.264,
  •  Video Modes: 1080i, 1080p, 576i, 576p, 720p


  •  iMedia: You will find various media apps that you can use (Youtube, Dailymotion, Google Map, News, Weather),
  •  M3U Player: This app allows you to watch m3u files.,
  •  Media Player: In this menu, you will find various media apps that you can use (video player, music player, photo player, e-book, PVR player),
  •  Stalker Portals: In this menu, you can select the portals that you want to connect to

Package Content

  • Package Content: Connecting Cable 5V 2A, IPTV Receiver, Remote Control,

Package Content

  •  Package Content: Connecting Cable 5V 2A, IPTV Receiver, Remote Control
  •  Power Adaptor: Supply Voltage 12V/1.2A Power Adaptor,
  •  Power Consumption: Power consumption 10W Max, Standby power consumption 0.5W Max
  • Depth (mm): 87,
  •  Height (mm): 27,
  •  Width (mm): 132,

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Sistema Operativo
Internal memory
16 MB
RAM memory
Full HD (1080p)
IPTV Application
Chipset Box TV


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