Pro Gaming Headset 7.1 - SnowStorm
  • Headset 7.1 - SnowStorm
  • Pro Gaming Headset 7.1 - SnowStorm
  • Headset 7.1 - SnowStorm
  • Pro Gaming Headset 7.1 - SnowStorm
  • Headset 7.1 - SnowStorm
  • Pro Gaming Headset 7.1 - SnowStorm
  • Headset 7.1 - SnowStorm
  • Headset 7.1 - SnowStorm
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Pro Gaming Headset 7.1 - SnowStorm Matrics

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Brand: Matrics
Pro Gaming Headset 7.1 - SnowStorm Matrics
Store price: €32.00
7.1 Gaming Headset - SnowStorm

Dolby Atmos - Matrics VIBRATION MODE Innovative vibration mode for listening, tune in to your game like you've never done before! VOLUME CONTROL BOX The volume control box for the never is able to leave the game environment to change as your preferred settings. RGB LIGHTING WITH BREATHING EFFECT Breath lights for your setup is always static! COMFORTABLE AND ROBUST TOP BAND The band was made in the hours they want to play and there is no comfort but they do not want the memories that these use a headset. DRIVERS OF 50MM 50mm drivers because we wanted to give you the best quality and sound definition possible. SPEAKERS WITH CLOSED DESIGN Loudspeakers for maximum comfort. Features: Compatibility: PC, PlayStation 4 Sound: 7.1 Virtual, 7 cores Led with breathing effect and RGB without outer circle Vibration Mode: Yes Speaker Drivers: Φ50mm Impedance: 32Ω ± 15% Frequency Response: 20Hz ~ 20KHz Microphone sensitivity: 42dB ± 3dB Rated Power: 30mw Microphone Impedance: <2.2kΩ Microphone sensitivity: 42dB ± 3dB Frequency Response: 20Hz ~ 20KHz Cable length: 2.1 meters ± 3cm Connection: USB Speaker Material: Polyurethane Surface Treatment: UV coating
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