Air Conditioning HTW - IX75 12000BTU R32 - Monosplit

Reference: HTWS035IX75
Brand: HTW
The Air Conditioning HTW - IX75 12000BTU R32 - Monosplit Air Conditioner offers efficient refrigeration for medium-sized spaces. With a capacity of 12000 BTU, it uses the refrigerant R32 and is a monosplit system, designed to provide thermal comfort in residential or commercial environments.

Valid from 07 May to 19 May. Limited to existing stock.

Air Conditioning HTW  - IX75 12000BTU R32 - Monosplit 


HTW Air Conditioning - IX75 12000BTU R32 - Monosplit

HTW Air Conditioning - IX75 12000BTU R32 - Monosplit

R-32S refrigerant

It uses Air Conditioning HTW   with R-32 refrigeration, which is more ecological and has a lower global warming potential (GWP) compared to other refrigerants, contributing to the reduction of environmental impact .


DC Inverter Technology

Equipped with DC Inverter technology that automatically adjusts compressor speed to meet cooling or heating demands, ensuring energy efficiency and thermal comfort.


Wi-Fi connectivity (optional)

Offers optional Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing remote control of the air conditioner through a mobile app, offering convenience and control even from a distance .


24h timer

It has a 24-hour programmable timer that allows you to schedule the air conditioning operation according to your daily routine, ensuring tailored comfort and energy savings .


Silence mode

It has a silent mode that reduces the operational noise level of the air conditioning, providing a more peaceful and comfortable environment, ideal for moments of rest or concentration.


Turbo Button

It has a turbo button that temporarily increases the cooling or heating capacity of the air conditioner, allowing you to quickly reach the desired temperature in extreme conditions.


Cooling capacity:

Capacity: 5000W (1610-5200)

Frig/h: 4470 (1385 - 4660)

Consumption: 1540 W (350-2400)

Currents: 7.2 A (1.6 - 10.4)

SEER: 6.1

Cold energy classification: A++

Annual Consumption: 271 kWh

EER: 3.25W/W

Heating capacity:

Capacity: 5000W (1610-5300)

cal/h: 4470 (1385 - 4782)

Consumption: 1340 W (350-2450)

Current: 6.2 A (1.6 - 10.6)


Energy rating Heat: A+

Annual Consumption: 1007 kWh

COP: 3.73W/W




Indoor unit:

Sound power: 56/51/48/44 dB(A)

Sound pressure (H/M/L/S): 44/41/38/24 dB(A)

Air flow: 820/720/620/520 m3/h

Dehumidification capacity: 1.4 L/h

Temperature range: 16 - 32 ºC

Overall dimensions: 908 x 295 x 225 mm

Gross dimensions: 979 x 354 x 292 mm

Net/gross weight: 10/12 kg

Outdoor unit:

Sound power: 65 dB(A)

Sound pressure (H/M/L/S): 54 dB(A)

Air flow: 2300 m3/h

Temp. cold/heat operating temperature: -15~53 ºC

Compressor: GMCC

Refrigerant Type/Charge: R32/0.95 kg

Supplementary load>5 g/m

:Grand dimensions: 780 x 560 x 270 mm

Gross dimensions: 889 x 612 x 359 mm

Net/gross weight: 27.6/30.6 kg


Cold storage:

Liquid-Gas in.: 1/4" - 1/2"

Max length: 25 m

Max difference in level: 15 m

Electrical connections:

Feed: 2 x 2.5 + T mm

Interconnection: 4 x 1.5 + T mm

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