#IPTVNOW: Formuler Z+ Neo: The New IPTV Android with MYTVOnline 2

#IPTVNOW: Formuler Z+ Neo: The New IPTV Android with MYTVOnline 2

Formuler Z+ Neo
MYTVOnline 2 | Android | Bluetooth

If you came here, it's probably because you've already heard of Formuler's MYTVOnline 2. The exclusive IPTV media player is considered by most cord cutters the best one in the market. The secret? «Development, support, constant updates, inovation... repeat» – therefore... Why should you own a Formuler instead of other Android box brands? Formuler cares about you, your user experience and works tirelessly to improve at each level.

Formuler Z+ Neo is available now for delivery and it's ideal specially if your main concern is a fast, fluid and secure IPTV connection with MYTVOnline 2.

BUY HERE: https://bit.ly/2PO32rv

ALL FORMULER: https://bit.ly/3fSBko0

Inside this device you can check some of the basic specifications you need for a good Android Box, however it's main strenght is their software development optimized for IPTV connections. The CPU includes a high-end chipset from Hisillicon that guarantees 4K/60fps picture quality anytime and a fast user-experience in all other apps available at Google Play Store or Formuler's Marketplace.

The new Formuler Z+ Neo comes with a basic IR remote control with learning capabilities to also control your own TV. If you want, you can also purchase the Pro Remote Control and/or the newest Advanced Bluetooth Remote with Voice Assistant.

Check out the specs comparison between all of the new lineup models with Formuler's MYTVOnline 2.

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