Xiaomi InFace Ionic Facial Massager - Pink - CF-03D

Reference: CF-03D 
EAN: 6971308400363 
Brand: inFace
The inFace Massager and its "Export" mode show results through the combination of heat, ultrasonic vibration and export of positive ions which, in addition to opening pores, removes impurities and excess oil hidden under the skin. It is possible to accelerate the circulation of body fluids and blood metabolism, in addition to restoring cellular activity.
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Xiaomi InFace Ionic Facial Massager - Pink

The massager combines 3 modes for deep, personalized cleaning:

Mode 1: Deep cleansing and makeup removal

Mode 1 (blue light and green indicator) - combines heat, ultrasonic vibration and positive ion export to open pores and remove dirt and excess oil from the skin. In this way, it accelerates the circulation of body fluids and blood metabolism, as well as the restoration of cellular activity.

It should be used with makeup removal products, such as cleansing gel or exfoliant.

Mode 2: Nutrition and hydration

The second mode (red light and red indicator) combines heat, vibration, negative ion export and red light to achieve better absorption of skin oil and prevent the reappearance of impurities. Furthermore, the red wavelength reaches 640 nm, which can penetrate the subcutaneous tissue and help the skin produce more collagen, for a smoother and more rejuvenated face.

It should be used with skin hydration products.

Mode 3: Repairer

The third mode (blue light and yellow indicator) deeply repairs, soothes and treats skin inflammation, using negative ion + blue light. Deep repairing, calming and firming.


  • When it is off, press the toggle button for a few seconds to start operation;
  • Quickly press the toggle button to change mode;
  • Hold the strip sensor on both sides and touch the skin to start the device. During operation, as soon as the conductive head stops touching the skin, the vibrating function stops immediately, heating is also stopped for 15 seconds, and if the device is not used after 90 seconds, it is automatically turned off;
  • Press and hold the toggle button for a few seconds to turn off the device

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