Recording Kit PVR Vu+ - 2.5" HDD - Compatible with Vu+ Zero 4K

Reference: PVR-KIT
EAN: 8809288541661
PVR VU KIT + For Zero 4K

Valid from 01 April to 29 April. Limited to existing stock.

PVR VU KIT + For Zero 4K

With the Vu + Zero 4K PVR Kit and a hard drive, turn your audio receiver into a DVR receiver.

This PVR kit is Vu + Zero 4K compatible and has 2.5 inch hard drives and no limitation on the disk storage capacity due to the current Vu + receiver software.

Easy Installation

If you are equipped with a docking station, simply attach it to the Vu + Zero 4K. The combination of Vu + Kit PVR and Vu + Zero 4K is made without any additional wires or cables, it is simply Plug & Play.

After installing the hard drive in the Vu + PVR Kit and connecting to the Vu + Zero 4K, you can immediately start recording with your transmissions. You will never lose a program, documentary, movie or sporting event - just schedule a recording and watch at the most convenient time.
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