TP-Link Smart Home Deco Pack - DECOP9-3-PACK

Reference: DECOP9-3-PACK 
EAN: 6935364088644 
Brand: TP-Link
TP-Link Smart Home Deco Pack - DECOP9-3-PACK is the perfect solution for anyone looking for a fast and reliable Wi-Fi network throughout their home. With advanced technology, this three -pack ensures a stable and high-speed connection in every corner of your home. In addition, the elegant and discreet design allows the Deco Pack to integrate perfectly into any environment.

TP-Link Smart Home Deco P9 AC1200 (Pack3) - DECOP9-3-PACK

  • Excellent Wireless Network: AC1200 + HomePlug AV1000
  • Wi-Fi Hybrid Mesh + PLC: Effective Hybrid Network for Network Improvement
  • With Powerline technology, the interference of walls and the limit of distance is over. Enjoy Wi-Fi throughout the house!
  • Simple and Smart: Network configuration and management made easy with the Deco app
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa and IFTTT
  • Maximized Range: Wi-Fi coverage up to 560m 2 (3-pack)
  • Supports 100+ connected devices

Fast. Stable. Everywhere.

Whole House Hybrid Wi-Fi Mesh System
AC1200 + AV1000

Mesh Wi-Fi + Powerline: Signal Through Walls

Deco P9 combines dual-band Wi-Fi and powerline to establish a stronger mesh network. Powerline technology uses your home's electrical wiring to create a stronger connection between Deco units, reducing the impact of walls and other obstacles on the signal and delivering even faster network speeds in full, seamless coverage .

Improved Speeds: Wi-Fi + Powerline Hybrid Bandwidth

Powerline and wireless connections work together to transmit data between Deco units. Network speed is dramatically improved when compared to using Wi-Fi only †‡ .

Eliminate Dead Zones

The whole-home hybrid system provides extended coverage up to 560m 2 by combining dual-band Wi-Fi with powerline. Eliminate weak signal areas with full-coverage Wi-Fi, putting an end to searching for a stable connection .

Seamless Roaming with Unique Wi-Fi Name

Mesh TP-Link allows Deco units to work together, forming a unified network. Your phone or tablet automatically connects to Deco faster as it moves around your home, creating a seamless Wi-Fi experience .

No Buffering

Network speeds three times faster than previous generation routers, thanks to 802.11ac wireless technology, make Deco capable of providing lag-free connections to up to 100 devices .

Robust Parental Control

Simple, intuitive parental controls make it easy
keep your kids safe while online

The Decos Work Together

The Deco P9 is compatible with other Deco models to form a Mesh network. Expand Mesh Wi-Fi coverage anytime by simply adding more Decos.

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