Aspirador RoboStar T40 Vacuum - White

Reference: Tesla RoboStar T40
EAN: 8594163276706
Brand: TESLA
The TESLA RoboStar T40 is a robot vacuum cleaner designed to speed up and facilitate cleaning. It has a BLDC digital motor, suction function and washing function for deeper, more powerful and quiet cleaning.
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RoboStar Vacuum Cleaner T40 Vacuum - White

Efficient and intelligent cleaning 

The robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with the FASTtrack 2.0 intelligent navigation system, allows a mapping of the area to be cleaned and avoids unnecessary returns. It has an energy capacity of 110 minutes with a charge and as soon as the cleaning ends back to the charging base to start a new load. 

It is equipped with 13 infrared sensors that prevent collisions or falls during cleaning, can detect objects, stairs or other elevated locations.

The robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with BLDC digital motor and washable HEPA H13 filters, capturing 99.95% 0.3 micron particles (including spores and mold mites). It makes an efficient and quiet cleaning, without the need for bags.

In addition to vacuuming, the vacuum cleaner also has the cleaning function with a wet microfiber mop.

Contents of the package:

- TESLA RoboStar T40;

- Water tank for cleaning (300 ml);

- Powder tank (300 ml);

- Infrared control with LED display;

- Charging base;

- 230 V power supply;

- Filter HEPA;

- Mop of fabric;

- Cleaning brush for maintenance;

- Spare side cleaning brushes for replacement;

- User manual;

Tesla RoboStar T40
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Robot Vacuum
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2.600 mAh

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